Quick Notes From Monitorama PDX 2014

Earlier this week I was at the Monitorama conference in Portland. This was the third Monitorama but the first that I’d attended, and if you’re interested in operations and monitoring issues I can’t recommend it highly enough, the signal to noise ratio was very nearly 100%. Biggest takeaway is to never miss this conference again.

This is a quick list of things I noted at the conference, and is basically meant as a reminder to myself to write about the topics in more detail when I get the chance.

Gold Nuggets:
  • Metrics 2.0
  • Sensu is the new event engine of choice for monitoring.
  • Separate your eventing from your front-end interface and notifications system – use Flapjack
  • If you’re not writing monitoring and analytics tools in Go, what’s wrong with you?
  • Graphite is where everyone stores metrics, mention OpenTSDB and you get confused looks.
  • Everything you know about anomaly detection is wrong.
  • Metrics streams and audio streams are the same, you can use DSP algorithms on your metrics.
  • Want a NoSQL database to back your monitoring tool? Use Redis.
  • Threat detection can be boiled down to a yes/no question – are you being attacked by the Mossad?
  • There are two keys to maintain stability and prevent security incidents:
    1. Never update anything
    2. Eliminate men

One comment on “Quick Notes From Monitorama PDX 2014

  1. Dieter

    Etsy is known to be one the companies for which Nagios is able to serve their needs well. (it also came up in their talk).
    But yeah most people don’t like it.

    Thanks for calling metrics 2.0 a gold nugget 🙂


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